Jumpin Wheelies was established in 2014 by Ashley & Ugo Manfre. We are a husband and wife powerhouse that takes our work very seriously with safety as our primary concern.
Many ask us how we got started in the industry, so I would love to share our story. Our son was about to turn 2 in May, so we started our party planning in March to make sure it would be a great party. Looking at renting and borrowing this and that from 5 different family members, returning by certain times, just seemed overwhelming to us. We looked into rental companies and could not find any company stressing the safety and sanitation that was most concerning to us. So we looked into buying everything we would need for our own event and maybe turn it into a VERY small rental business. We wanted tables, chars, a tent, and ONE bounce house. Simple, right?
Since we were looking at spending thousands for a yearly use, we thought rentals would be easy to do to return our investment.
We quickly learned that insurance, gas, and help was very expensive! If we wanted to rent anything out, we needed to operate at a larger scale to make it worth our while. This meant we would be starting something much bigger than our initial plan, but thought it would be a new adventure, so we would give it our all. The company has grown substantially since then and owe it all to our amazing clients who nothing but praise our customer service. We have permanent plans in NWI and hope to become the safest and most sanitary party rental company in the area with the best equipment around!
Customer Service is a huge passion for Ashey and makes sure employees act as such also. We know events can be very stressful, so we try to do everything we can to help your event run as smoothly as possible. When you rent with us, your event is our event!! And we truly act as such. We have helped people decorate, set up, ect at the last minute because we saw they were stressed and do not want people to feel that way if we have an opportunity to make a difference and the schedule allows. Of course we need to make money to stay open, but honest, this business is about so much more to us than a new small business, its a greatful opportunity to "Inspire the Fun" at your event!!
We look forward to working with you and hope you feel the same way.

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