Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment?

The bouncers from Jumpin Wheelies come with everything needed. You just need to supply the standard 110 volt outlet for the blower. We just ask that the outlet be within 50 feet of where you would like your bouncer set up.


Do I need TO CALL 8-1-1 U-DIG?

This applies to all bounce houses and tent rentals.  This has not been a standard practice for many companies but we are ready to be the pioneers to educate the public about underground safety and keep our customers safe.  This is a free service that we will expedite for you.You can call the toll free number if you have specific questions at 1-800-382-5544.
We are not responsible for any damage to unmarked underground infrastructure!

What is 8-1-1 and how does it work?

Indiana’s “Call Before You Dig” law (IC 8-1-26) requires everyone that digs to contact Indiana 811 at least two full working days before starting their project.  This is a state law that we must obey.  Upon placing your order online, you will be asked a series of possibly strange questions that are questions 811 requires of us when registering each ticket.  Once a ticket is created, different utility companies will come to the property personally and mark out any underground utilities for us to avoid.  If a specific area is not notated on booking order, we will have the entire property within 100' of home marked out for utilities.  Please note that these marking will occur 24-48 hours of event and will physically be painted in grass.  If one would not like visable markings, this will need to be specifically stated.

How do I reserve a bouncer?

Booking a bouncer with Jumpin Wheelies is easy to do right here on the website.  Go back to the Home page and choose my date needed, find an available unit, and book right online. You can also call: 785-NOW-4-FUN (785-669-4386) for any questions, comments, or concerns.

What is your weather policy?

Weather cancellations can be made up until 7am, the morning of the event due to the ever-changing nature of weather forecasts. If the local weather is calling for rain or high winds, both you and Jumpin Wheelies can agree to cancel before delivery. However, once a unit is delivered, the customer is expected to honor the agreement.
We do not deliver if wind speeds are 15 mph or greater or rain with a 30% chance or more.  We will make expections as needed because the weather is not always black and white.  If the rain will be contained to a few hours before your party, we may still be able to deliver, but this is a situational decision.  Our goal is to get you the equipment you ordered, but safety is our primary concern.

What is your cancelation policy?

An order can be canceled will complete refund if given 2 weeks notice.  if given one week notice, we will refund 50% of deposit paid, which is $25 refund.  If cancelation occurs 7 days or less of event, the entire refund is forfeited, unless the weather policy takes affect.

How soon should I book my bouncer?

Our bouncers are booked on a first come - first serve basis. Generally, they book approximately 3 weeks prior to an event. However, as soon as you know your date call and book your bouncer. Some people choose to book as much as a year in advance.

What is your delivery area? Is there a delivery fee?

Delivery Fees will automatically generate for you if you place your order or generate a quote. But fees are calculated generally from St. John, IN.  Free delivery is offered within the first 10 miles, then ins $1 a mile thereafter, using city center points.  If you feel your delivery fee is not calculating properly, please message us and we can take a better look for you.